Reporting and Forecasting

Digital Brandworks provides regular reporting for a wide variety of services including sales and inventory tracking, 3P seller monitoring, customer reviews, and ad campaign management. These reports are tailored to your brand's needs and goals, and provide you with valuable insight on past, present, and future trends of your products' performance in the marketplace and point out opportunities for additional growth and improved efficiency. Our team can also develop unqique, specialty reports if you have a particular metric or data set you want to track.

Digital Brandworks also partners with clients to develop a plan for, and track, inventory levels and estimated sales on various platforms. Digital Brandworks takes historical sales, current sales trends and demand, seasonality, and past outages or shortages into account as we develop our forecasts. We then create layovers for potential marketing opportunities in order to give you the most accurate account of expected needed inventory to support your sales and ensure you are never out of stock.

We can use data from our reporting services to optimize your content and track the benefits of implementing brand defense strategies.


Customer Response Monitoring

Customer service is not just a metric - it has a direct impact on converstion rate and sales. The Digital Brandworks team monitors the questions and reviews posted on your listings and sends you convenient reporting on customer interactions so you can see at a glance what consumers are saying about your products. We respond to customer inquiries and reviews on your behalf, providing buyers with timely and relevant responses. Staying on top of these interactions improves the overall customer experience and gives you crucial information about product usage and quality in the field. Digital Brandworks can also use this data to further optimize your listings and advertising campaigns.

Digital Brandworks can find ways to keep customers even happier by optimizing your channel content and ensuring your brand is represented accurately on the marketplace.


Inventory Management

Digital Brandworks offers seamless integration with your warehouse or third party fulfillment to actively track and manage your inventory levels across your channels. We coordinate with marketplaces and use in-house analytics to predict future inventory needs and ensure you do not run out of stock. We help you choose the best shipping option for your brand's needs, enter and track your shipments, perform inventory reconciliation, and help you minimize costly storage fees and unnecessary charges.

Find new ways to move through that inventory even faster with adding marketplaces and implementing advertising campaigns as well as expanding and protecting your brandshare.

Chargeback Management

Digital Brandworks reviews all chargebacks claims in order to dispute false allegations and ensure your money is refunded. We work with your teams to create and improve efficiency and put processes in place for chargebacks that are valid, so that you can correct and end those fees in the future. We review chargebacks in conjunction with invoice holds to ensure no "double dipping" is occuring in your fees and that you are receiving a fair and accurate profit on your sales.

Chargebacks under control? There's still plenty of places you could be losing money to Amazon or competitors. Plug those holes with rock-solid content optimization and additional solutions to defend your brand against unauthorized sellers or marketshare-hungry competitors.