Marketplace Setup

Digital Brandworks is here for you whether you're new to selling online or have an existing ecommerce presence you want to expand into additional marketplaces. We facilitate the entire process for you from start to finish to ensure a smooth, efficient implementation that get your product in front of customer eyes as quickly as possible. We provide guidance on selecting the most appropriate marketplaces for your specific needs and identify unique opportunities within that specific platform that are worth taking advantage of.

Our team can get you up and running on Amazon, Wayfair, Rakuten, NewEgg, Target, and Sears - to name just a few. Our direct relationships with many marketplaces give us the ability to garner unique promotions for your brand. We also ensure your digital offerings are priced consistently with your overall retail pricing strategy. If you have products that are not listed in your existing ecommerce outlets, we place and position those items accordingly.

And if you are considering transitioning from Amazon Vendor Central or Express to Seller Central, allow our team to make the jump as seamless as possible. We will navigate contract obligations and legal details, ensure inventory logistics are handled properly, and set your catalog up in its new space to maximize opportunities for revenue and growth.

Already set up? See how we protect and enhance your brand and manage your inventory and logistics.


Content Development

Our team leverages extensive marketing expertise to craft tailored, SEO-friendly content. The process begins with a thorough analysis of your existing content across all ecommerce outlets, and a discussion with your team to learn your product lines and the strengths which set them apart from your competitors. Then, we craft content that accurately reflects your brand's tone, style, and industry, and that delivers a relevant, engaging message to your target audience. Our experience in the marketplace ensures your content remains within best practices for the platform and category, and our creative skills bring you strong, dynamic copy and professional photography and graphic design, for content that is customized for the specific marketplace and representative of your brand.

In addition to delivering a strong, persuasive message to consumers, the content development process also ensures that you are maximizing SEO and searchability for your product on Amazon and beyond. We work to develop content that is not only interesting and useful to consumers, but that also improves searchability, keyword indexing, and relevancy so that your listing is more likely to appear in search results.

Learn more about how we defend your content from 3Ps and use our analytics to further improve your listings.


Listing Optimization

Listing optimization is easily one of the most powerful ways to increase revenue and improve your brand presence - and the depth of our optimization process ensures every aspect of each listing is taken into consideration. Digital Brandworks offers a comprehensive listing review service that begins with a complete analysis of your existing content and structure on the marketplace. Our team analyzes your copy not just for grammar or completeness but also for relevancy, impact, and whether it takes full advantage of keyword indexing and SEO. We review images to check whether a product's strengths and features are being showcased. We also do a deep dive into the additional fields - including backend keywords - that are crucial yet so often under-utilized. And finally, we look at your catalog structure, to see whether your listing setup is giving customers the best chance to find exactly what they need.

Once that process is complete, we make recommendations that reflect maximal opportunities for your product and category. We optimize your content and catalog structure, develop new content if indicated, and apply the updates to your products. At the end, your listings remain within Amazon guidelines while maximizing your opportunities for search rank, engagement, and conversion.

Optimization is an onoing process - find out how we ensure this content is protected and analyze content for improved listing performance.


Advertising Campaigns

The growing reality of ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon is that sponsored listings and other marketing initiatives becoming a requirement instead of a suggestion. And good campaign management requires solid strategy, competent deployment, and ongoing maintenance to maximize your ad's visibility, impact, and ROI. Digital Brandworks works with you to determine your ecommerce goals and identify products and product lines that will benefit best from paid placement. We develop an advertising strategy that fits your brand's needs and budget, then implement the strategy through a series of advertising campaigns.

But the work doesn't stop there.

Our team constantly monitors, adjusts, and optimizes your ads. The result is a campaign that is constantly improving its efficiency and adjusting to customer search trends. We also analyze and leverage the powerful data you can get from these campaigns. Yes, we use this data to constantly improve the existing ads. But we also use it to make informed recommendations on future campaigns, identify new sales opportunities, offer you insight on conversion and trends you couldn't otherwise see in your standard sales data, and further optimize your product listings to maximize SEO, relevancy, and search indexing.

Already have campaigns running, or not sure if you can swing sponsored listings just yet? Find out more about other ways to help maximize ecommerce revenue and how we can help you efficiently manage your marketplace.