Seller Identification

Digital Brandworks uses proprietary software to scrape your Amazon listings for third-party sellers that may be damaging your brand. After this sweep, we work with an investigator and implement additional techniques if necessary to uncover the true identity of the seller - even if they're using a DBA. This ongoing surveillance is the first step in regaining control of your listings so that you can avoid a race to zero in the buy box.

Once sellers have been identified, Digital Brandworks works with your company to develop the necessary communication to send to sellers and offers detailed guidance on dealing with unauthorized sellers who continue to violate policy and damage your brand integrity.

In addition to 3P management, we can also improve your existing marketplace listings and provide important reporting on sales and performance.


Brandshare Strategy

Digital Brandworks will perform a detailed competitor review including an analysis of third-party sellers on your listings and third-party listings of products that you are also currently selling. We identify any areas where you may be missing out on the marketshare you deserve - whether it's due to a lack of optimization or to other sellers cutting in on your profits. We routinely sweep your listings to remove any illegitimate versions of your product, monitor third-party sellers, and work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that strives to increase your brand's presence and success in the category.

Further improve your brand performance by optimizing your listings and discovering new opportunities through marketing initiatives.


Customer Response Monitoring

Customer service is not just a metric - it has a direct impact on converstion rate and sales. The Digital Brandworks team monitors the questions and reviews posted on your listings and sends you convenient reporting on customer interactions so you can see at a glance what consumers are saying about your products. We respond to customer inquiries and reviews on your behalf, providing buyers with timely and relevant responses. Staying on top of these interactions improves the overall customer experience and gives you crucial information about product usage and quality in the field. Digital Brandworks can also use this data to further optimize your listings and advertising campaigns.

Digital Brandworks can find ways to keep customers even happier by optimizing your channel content and getting it out in front of a wider audience.


Marketplace Enhancements

There are a variety of additional measures that Amazon provides that help you protect your brand's integrity - are you taking advantage of them? Our team will perform a comprehensive review of your account as it stands and help you to implement additional safeguards while also taking advantage of brand-promoting opportunities. Brand Registry setup, A+/EBC and brand page creation, and assistance with gating are just a few of the services we offer that ensure your brand is represented accurately and fully on Amazon and beyond.

Already set up with enhanced content? Make the most of it by optimizing it for search and bring that increased conversion rate to a whole new target demographic.


Distribution Policy

As ecommerce sales grow, so does the temptation for resellers and distributors to hop on the bandwagon. Digital Brandworks works with your team to create MAP (mimimum advertised price) and distribution policies in order to help protect pricing strategy, improve marketplace representation, and combat and brand degradation.

Once these policies are created, Digital Brandworks also helps develop the strategy to implement (internally and externally), monitor, and execute cease and desist on our clients' behalf in order to maintain the policy's integrity and ensure your brand's value is maintained.

Make sure that the content you're defending is looking its best and then use advertising campaigns to maintain and increase that hard-won marketshare.